Former Boxing world champion died from consequences of vicious knock out

Mexican boxer Moises Fuentes passed away recently at age 37. Fuentes was a world champion in the minimum and light flyweight divisions. His record consisted of 25 victories, 14 of them by knockout, with one draw and seven defeats.

That very last defeat ended up costing him his life.

Fuentes succumbed to injuries in the hospital. He’d been there since his last boxing event in October of 2021.

Fuentes was looking to make a comeback after a 3 year break from boxing against David ‘General’ Cuellar at an event held in Cancun, Mexico and was knocked out in the 6th round.

He was hospitalized following the knock out loss due to a blood clot that had formed in his brain and he had to undergo surgery to remove it.

While he made it out of the surgery, the damage was too severe and he spent the remainder of his life on a ventilator.

“Thank God, Moises Fuentes is now resting in peace. A warrior who fought until his last breath. Our condolences to his family and friends and appreciation to his wife for her dedication and devotion with indescribable love during this difficult year of suffering. May he rest in peace,” Sulaiman wrote.

Sadly, Fuentes is not an isolated case. Just this year boxing claimed multiple fatalities. Back in September, Boxer Luis Quinones, 25, was pronounced dead five days after a knockout loss.

Back in May a German boxer died in the ring from the consequences of a heart attack. Doctors raced into the ring when Yamak fainted, and the boxing match was called off.

And back in June another boxer passed away from the consequences of a brain bleed that occurred during a boxing match he was winning. Simiso Buthelezi was a South African boxer that fell into a coma and never recovered after suffering a brain bleed back in June.

There were also several muay thai and kickboxing practitioners that met their demise in the cage this year.

Our prayers are with the Fuentes family at this difficult time.