Former boxing champion reveals surprising man on man adult movie pivot late in career

Former boxing champion Yusaf Mack recently made headlines when he revealed a surprising and challenging chapter in his life. The 43-year-old, known for his 14-year career in the boxing ring with 31 wins, eight defeats, and two draws, stunned the sports community by disclosing that he appeared in a gay adult film, a decision that would have a profound impact on his personal life.

In 2012, Mack secured the USBA light heavyweight championship, an achievement that added to his reputation as a skilled boxer. However, he faced a financial crisis that led him down an unexpected path. In need of money, Mack accepted an offer to star in a gay adult film, unaware of the repercussions it would have on his relationships and family.

In an interview with Vlad TV, he said: “I was in need of the money.”

“Someone inboxed me on Facebook asking me if I wanted to make some extra money and I said yes, it came out a year later.”

At the time of filming, Mack was engaged to a woman, keeping his leanings a secret from those close to him. The revelation of his appearance in the explicit video stunned his friends and family, who were unaware of his orientation. Fearful of the reaction from the sports community, Mack initially claimed he was bisexual before eventually coming out as gay.

“To this day I haven’t watched it.”

“I was at a family bar and I was wondering why everyone was looking at me strange. Nobody was saying anything or speaking to me so I was like ‘what’s going on?’

“One of my homies was like ‘come here man, look at this’ I was like wow.”

“I walked away and went home and started crying. I was thinking about my children, what would they think.”

The weight of his actions hit him hard, and he couldn’t help but think about his children and how they would perceive him.

The impact on his family life was devastating, particularly when his eldest daughter expressed her feelings harshly. Faced with her hurtful words, Mack battled his own issues, feeling the weight of the shame he carried. The pain he experienced was immense, and he couldn’t find the right words to respond to his daughter’s anger.

However, inspired by Caitlin Jenner’s story of coming out as transgender, Mack found the courage to share his own journey. He opened up about his struggles, and realized that he needed to face his truth and embrace his identity, regardless of the consequences.

As Mack shared his story, he found a sense of purpose and acceptance in the community. He continued working in the adult industry, and despite initial shame, he eventually found fulfillment and happiness in his new profession.