Floyd Mayweather sued over alleged assault involving his security

Renowned boxer Floyd Mayweather is entangled in a legal battle stemming from an incident involving his security personnel. As detailed by The Blast, the lawsuit was filed nearly two years after the initial incident. It alleges Mayweather’s bodyguard of battery.

The start of this controversy traces back to 2022. Floyd Mayweather was accompanied by his entourage, famously known as the Mayweather Money Team. They entered the Yard House restaurant near the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles. The team’s presence reportedly created a substantial disturbance, drawing a crowd around them.

One patron used his cellphone to record the Mayweather Money Team. He captured the attention of the boxer and his security detail.

According to the lawsuit, a member of Floyd Mayweather’s team “negligently, carelessly, intentionally, maliciously and/or physically touched, struck and/or hit [the victim].” This led to the individual falling to the ground. The situation intensified as the bodyguard tried to confiscate the patron’s cellphone, causing additional harm.

While a spokesperson for Mayweather said that the boxer left the restaurant due to overcrowding, the victim expressed fear for his life. Approximately 30 minutes later, the police were summoned to the scene. However, the police found discrepancies between the victim’s story and witness accounts.

A similar incident happened before in 2010 at The Palms casino in Las Vegas.

The individual said he wanted to talk to Floyd Mayweather about boxing and take a picture with him in the valet parking area of the casino. Mayweather allegedly took issue with this and gave his bodyguards a thumbs down.

The bodyguards intervened and hit the man in the face. This caused him to fall down and he injured his head on the pavement when the bodyguards.

Allegations of intentional infliction of mental distress, employee carelessness, and assault and violence were made against Mayweather and his promotional business.