Floyd Mayweather plans to box Don Moore in front of just 20 people – with tickets costing upwards of $150k

Floyd Mayweather has been one of the biggest earners in boxing over the last decade. And despite retiring – he’s still not done. Mayweather has been in a series of exhibition matches that have done extraordinarily well – financially.

His latest plan is to perform in front of an exclusive audience. Boxing legend announced his come back is set for May 14th. It was subsequently revealed that he would be boxing old sparring partner Don Moore – on top of Burj Al Arab Hotel – 700 ft above sea level in Dubai.

Exclusive access to this extraordinary event will set you back 65 Ethereum – close to $195,000. The event tickets are available as sport NFTs. NFT – non fungible token is a digital asset that represents real world objects and gives the owner the rights to it.

Currently 10 out of the 20 available tickets have been sold. The PPV for the event will cost  £14.99  on LIVENow.

45 year old Mayweather is rumored to have received $1 million just to attend the press conference for the event. Mayweather has been retired since 2017 when he beat Conor McGregor.

Mayweather told FightHype: “I was able to leave boxing on my own terms and now the boxing critics are upset that I am still able to milk and finesse the sport of boxing by throwing exhibitions.

“Sixteen minutes and I am able to get eight and nine figures from the fruits of my labour.

“Once again I am not hurting for my money, I am far from hurting for money. I didn’t retire from getting money.”