Floyd Mayweather hints at rematch with ​​John Gotti III

In a surprising turn of events, boxing icon Floyd Mayweather has dropped hints regarding an upcoming rematch with John Gotti III. The bout is slated to take place before the close of the current year.

During a recent exclusive interview, Mayweather divulged details about the upcoming matchup. He said: “From what I’m told, we spoke. My team has spoken to his team and before the end of the year I think we’re going to make it happen.”

Back in June, an exhibition match took place between Mayweather and Gotti – the grandson of the infamous former New York mob boss John Gotti. However, the event culminated in a chaotic spectacle as people stormed the ring in the aftermath of a controversial decision.

Referee Kenny Bayliss was prompted to halt the bout in the sixth round, setting off a chain reaction. Gotti aggressively forced his way past the official, relentlessly launching punches in Mayweather’s direction. At first, Mayweather deflected the blows and launched several punches back at his opponent.

Mayweather then seemed to strike Gotti III on the top of the head with a left hook that sent him back across the ring during the ruckus that ensued. At this time, people from both sides entered the ring. Then, a large-scale altercation ensued.

As over 50 people pushed and forced their way around, Mayweather walked and perched on the ropes to observe the action. The chaos spilled into the arena, triggering brawls throughout the venue.

In the aftermath of the incident, Gotti continued to harbor animosity towards Mayweather. Taking to social media platform Instagram, Gotti posted a message directed at his adversary: “Punk b***h @Floyd Mayweather. You my enemy for life”

As a consequence of his role in inciting the brawl, Gotti faced repercussions. The DBPR Florida Athletic Commission imposed a six-month suspension on Gotti, effectively sidelining him from professional boxing activities.