Fedor Emelianenko wants to box Francis Ngannou, debunks Mike Tyson boxing rumors

In a recent wide-ranging interview, Russian MMA legend Fedor Emelianenko made it clear he still has the competitive fire burning for big fight opportunities – expressing keen interest in a boxing match against current UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou.

When asked about the possibility of facing the fearsome Cameroonian knockout artist, Fedor responded bluntly “Yes, I would like to fight with him.” He doubled down stating “I am a fighter, yes. I am still in the process of training, so I would like to fight. I am interested.”

The 46-year-old former Pride heavyweight champion may be retired from MMA competition, but he showed he is still hungry to test himself against one of combat sports’ most dangerous strikers. “You have hunger. You have hunger before the fights,” Fedor said simply.

Ngannou is fresh off a spectacular showing against World heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury, solidifying his status as arguably the most succesful MMA star to transition into boxing. A boxing showdown with Fedor would be somewhat of a mismatch considering Emelianenko’s age and Ngannou’s peak shape and standing in the boxing community.

However, Fedor clearly stated there was little substance behind persistent rumors of a boxing match against another legendary figure – Mike Tyson. When asked if there were any substantive negotiations to make that fight a reality, the Russian responded “No, I didn’t. I have representatives.”

He deflected the Tyson topic further by stating “Let’s wait and see. If God gives, the fight will be. If not, then…”

It’s clear that while a Tyson exhibition may have had some media buzz, Fedor is laser focused on the possibility of sharing the ring with the much younger and more active Ngannou should the circumstances allow.

At an age when most are long retired, the humble but competitive spirit that made Fedor a fan favorite burns bright. While he may have hung up his MMA gloves, he appears open to taking on all comers in the squared circle still.