Federation president under criminal investigation after 16 year old dies after amateur MMA bout

The global MMA community was recently shaken by news originating from Russia, where an unidentified 16-year-old lost his life as a result of a fatal blow to the head during a mixed martial arts tournament.

In certain regions of the world, it is not uncommon for young individuals to participate in amateur MMA matches. To prioritize the well-being of these young competitors, specific rules and safety equipment are typically implemented. However, the presence of such regulations does not guarantee their strict enforcement, particularly in areas with limited supervision.

The devastating consequences of inadequate supervision were tragically realized during a recent MMA tournament held in Belogorsk, situated in the Amur region of Russia. As per the established rules, all participants under the age of 18 were obligated to wear protective headgear during their matches. Unfortunately, in this instance, the judge allowed the 16-year-old to compete without the required headgear, resulting in dire consequences.

News of this heartbreaking incident reverberated throughout the MMA community, prompting immediate attention and concern. The Open MMA Cup of the Rodina Sports Club, where the unfortunate incident occurred, saw the 16-year-old competitor admitted to the hospital and placed in intensive care following his defeat. Tragically, his injuries proved fatal.

Following this incident, the Russian MMA Union has launched an investigation to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. The authorities are determined to understand why the event organizer and the referee agreed to exempt the young man from wearing protective headgear, a mandatory requirement for people in his age bracket.

Local authorities in Belogorsk have also taken swift action in response to this devastating incident. Stanislav Melyukov, the mayor of Belogorsk, confirmed that the local prosecutor’s office has initiated a thorough inquiry into the matter.

Belogorsk prosecutor Igor Martsokha personally visited the tournament venue to oversee the investigation conducted by the Amur Region Prosecutor’s Office. The objective of this audit is to determine the legality of the exemption granted by the event organizer and, if necessary, enforce appropriate measures.

“The accreditation of the Russian MMA Union has been suspended for a period of three months following the order from the [Russian] Sports Ministry.”

Following the Sports Ministry’s decision, the Russian MMA Union submitted an official letter to the ministry asking it to annul the suspension because it had already corrected all of the previously mentioned shortcomings.

“The MMA Union of Russia sent a letter to the Ministry of Sports to confirm the correction of all previously reported setbacks,” a source close to the situation told TASS, adding that the revoked “accreditation can be restored within a month.”

Another source in Russia’s MMA Union told TASS later on June 5 that the referee who oversaw the bout would be stripped of his professional license.

Yevgeny Zlivko, the president of the MMA Federation in the Amur Region, said that he was now a suspect in the death of the young man as part of a criminal case launched by the Russian Investigative Committee on June 5.

“I have already been questioned by investigators. They have initiated a criminal case and I am being held responsible. I’m hundred-percent sure,” Zlivko said.