Fans slam Joe Rogan for ‘biased’ commentary during UFC 287 co-main event

The co-main event of UFC 287 between Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns had fans on the edge of their seats. However, it also brought some controversy due to the commentary of Joe Rogan.

As Masvidal tried to give his hometown crowd a good performance despite being outclassed by Burns, Rogan’s remarks during the match were questioned by fans on social media. The Brazilian was definitely in control of the bout and had a commanding lead over the Miami native.

There was a general consensus among the audience that Joe Rogan’s commentary was “off.” Some pointed out that Rogan’s comment before the last takedown seemed suspicious. Additionally, some accused him of bias due to his past interactions with Masvidal on his podcast.

The other comments were as follows:

Another user even suggested that Rogan might have been under the influence of DMT during the commentary. These comments led to speculation and debate about Rogan’s impartiality during the bout.

However, one user defended Rogan by tweeting:

Prior to his co-main event at UFC 287, Masvidal had already hinted at the possibility of retirement. After suffering a unanimous decision loss against Burns, Masvidal stayed true to his word and announced his retirement during his post-bout interview with Rogan. Masvidal expressed gratitude towards his hometown fans for their support and reflected on his 20 years of combat sports career.

Masvidal stated that he had accomplished enough inside the octagon and made enough money to call it quits. However, his retirement announcement took a political turn as he praised Donald Trump as the greatest president in the world and started a chant.