Fans point out Paddy Pimblett is dousing himself in cologne

Paddy Pimblett was fairly affable and likeable in the past despite the fact his appearances in UFC have been shaky at best. On paper, Pimblett won several contests in the first round but in reality he had a real case of jitters in each case that could’ve compromised his future in the promotion.

Not to mention that 3 out of Paddy’s previous 4 opponents have since been released from UFC and were effectively there just to compete against him.

And while Pimblett is too busy arguing with disgruntled fans on social media, dismayed over him sucking up to UFC president Dana White – fans noticed something else.

Pimblett appears to be obsessed with cologne.

In the latest episode of UFC embedded, Pimblett features in an odd sequence where he more or less sprays half of a bottle of cologne on himself including padded jacket, wrists and everywhere else.

Thanks to Prochazka’s injury, Pimblett is pretty much the only marketable guy on the last PPV card of the year. Prochazka injured his shoulder – and once title contender Glover Teixeira refused to face Ankalaev on super short notice the two were replaced by Former champion Jan Blachowicz and Dagestani light heavyweight Magomed Ankalaev. Ankalaev is a prominent wrestler who decisional his way to the top of the division. Not to mention he has no Khabib association and no easy way to market himself.

Another MMA veteran who might not be exactly fresh but has plenty of name recognition had to back out from the card – Robbie Lawler. Lawler was replaced by Morono on short notice.

This meant that Paddy Pimblett is effectively the face of this embedded series – aided by his recent negative viral incident.

One fan pondered: “how is everybody in that room not throwing up?”

Another fan pointed out that he’s not even using it properly:
“He doesn’t even put most of it on properly. Cologne sprayed on clothing fades very quickly, you’re supposed to put it on body parts that produce heat (neck, wrists) to let the cologne smell longer. I’ve also read that you’re not supposed to rub your wrists together like that but rather tap them (I can’t speak for how true that is though)

I mean it’s not like people won’t be able to smell it since he used half the bottle but what a waste of money.”

Another fan mocked Pimblett: “Bro going on safari.”

But at least his hygiene isn’t mimicking the Liver King who has forgone conventional showering a decade ago.