Ex-Nelk influencer Bob Menery doxes Dana White, gives UFC fans instructions on how to reach him

In a recent conversation on the Mike Perry podcast, comedian and social media personality Bob Menery shared his insights on the most effective way to get in touch with UFC President Dana White. According to Menery, the best approach is not necessarily through the fighting world, but rather by cultivating a connection with White in a more casual setting.

Menery, known for his irreverent sense of humor and his tendency to playfully troll celebrities, claims to frequently FaceTime White at random times, even in the middle of the night. While White occasionally hangs up on him, Menery sees this as part of their friendly banter.

However, Menery suggests that for those truly seeking to establish a meaningful connection with White, a more fruitful strategy might involve approaching him in a casino setting. According to Menery, White is a regular at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas, where he often plays high-stakes games.

Menery recalls an instance where he witnessed White’s generosity firsthand, with the UFC President tipping dealers and waitstaff handsomely. This anecdote aligns with accounts from casino staff, who have praised White for his amiable demeanor and generous nature.

Rather than attempting to reach White through the fighting world, Menery humorously advises that individuals might have better luck by cultivating a rapport with him in a more relaxed environment, such as by offering him cigars or engaging in casual conversation at the casino.

Menery has a grudge against White, because he’s sided with the remainder of NELK in their bitter feud.