ESPN flunks Light heavyweight division, Jamahal Hill in disbelief

Jamahal Hill is a former champion and a formidable contender in the UFC’s light heavyweight division. He recently expressed his frustration with ESPN MMA’s ratings, particularly in light of his upcoming title match against reigning champion Alex Pereira.

The clash between Hill and Pereira is set to take place at the highly anticipated UFC 300 pay-per-view event. It is slated for April 13 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hill addressed a recent internal ranking report that ESPN MMA has assembled of all UFC divisions. The rankings provided a summary of each division’s performance for the first quarter of 2024 and were compiled by MMA journalist Brett Okamoto.

Hill took to social media to express his frustration. He said: “The disrespect is crazy!!! Headlining UFC 300 main and preliminary [events] but LHW is the weak? They call us to save cards!!!”

According to ESPN MMA’s website, the rankings were formulated using a comprehensive set of criteria aimed at assessing the performance and appeal of the 11 divisions within the UFC. These criteria encompass factors such as the level of excitement generated by each division, anticipated interest over the next nine months, presence of compelling rivalries, depth of talent, emergence of new talents, and quality of matchmaking.

Beyond ESPN MMA’s rankings, Hill also directed criticism towards the MMA community. This was particularly in regard to the perceived favoritism towards Alex Pereira.

Despite Pereira’s relatively brief tenure in the UFC, his popularity among fans has grown significantly. This surge in support has led many to predict Pereira’s victory over Hill at UFC 300.

Hill contends that the support Pereira receives contrasts sharply with the criticism he faces. He points out discrepancies in the treatment he receives from the MMA community, citing instances where his confidence is viewed negatively compared to the admiration bestowed upon Pereira.

Hill wrote on Twitter:

“Alex: I’m going to beat Jamahal so easy/clean I’ll fight another top contender another 3 weeks later.

MMA Community: He’s a beast, I believe he can do it, dudes special, f**k love it!

Me: I’m better than Alex

MMA Community: Your to confident, your delusional, your unlikeable”