Elon Musk reveals a technique on which he relied on to beat Putin in proposed clash

An enormous amount of interest has been generated by Elon Musk’s presence on the Full Send Podcast. Elon Musk discussed a variety of topics, from the criticism he got for his appearance on Joe Rogan’s show to challenge directed to Vladimir Putin.

The billionaire had tweeted a challenge for Putin earlier this year. Musk said, “Well, I did challenge Vladimir Putin to one-on-one, you know, single combat.”

He made it clear that while Putin wasn’t his greatest foe, he still challenged him. Thus, the NELK members were enthusiastic and went further by claiming that the imagined match would be much greater if UFC president Dana White got involved and Joe Rogan was providing the commentary.

Musk’s response when asked whether he felt he could beat Putin was,

“I don’t know… I think it would be an interesting question because he’s like good at martial arts. He’s pretty buff…”

“I’d have a bit of a weight advantage… I think I am probably 50% heavier than him, so I could… If you got a big weight advantage, that can overcome a lot of technique… I have a move called the walrus, which I used on a friend of mine who’s actually, like she’s like very agile and what not, but let me explain to you why there are weight classes in MMA.”

“I’m going to use a move called walrus, where I just lie on you. You can’t get away … and you are stuck.”

The businessman went on to say that from the age of six to sixteen, he had participated in street fights. This was because he was being picked on.

Elon Musk went on to say that the encounters made him more resilient and contributed to his drive.

He mentioned that he was really interested in books and would read extensively. In addition, he was physically undersized, which exacerbated the problem with “aggressive bullies.”

However, the bullying stopped somewhere between the ages of 15 and 16.