Elon Musk backs Conor McGregor for president of Ireland

In a surprising turn of events, billionaire entrepreneur Elon Musk has thrown his support behind UFC star Conor McGregor’s potential bid for the presidency in Ireland. The endorsement comes after McGregor hinted at considering a career change amid heightened tensions in Dublin following a tragic incident.

McGregor, a two-weight UFC champion, has been vocal on social media about the recent unrest in Dublin, particularly addressing the riots that ensued after the stabbing of three children and a carer in the city. Despite ongoing investigations into McGregor’s tweets for potential hate incitement, the fighter remains steadfast in expressing his opinions.

Elon Musk took to Twitter to back McGregor’s hypothetical presidential run, expressing confidence in McGregor’s ability to handle the position. Musk’s tweet read, “I think you could take them all single-handed. Not even fair.” McGregor, in response, conveyed his willingness to run for president, provided he secures the necessary nominations.

The UFC star posted a lengthy response, emphasizing the need for transparency and public consultation in Irish politics. McGregor stated, “Either way, I’d just be happy with absolute transparency and consultation to the public. Currently, there is none. Not an iota.” He criticized the existing political landscape, describing it as power-driven and highlighting the lack of genuine change.

McGregor articulated his motivation for a potential presidential run, aiming to be the voice of the people who feel ignored and unheard. He expressed a commitment to a true democracy, pledging to address issues, ensure public participation, and challenge the status quo.

As the conversation unfolded, McGregor acknowledged the uniqueness of the Irish presidency and its demand for responsiveness to public concerns. He underscored his intention to bring genuine dialogue to the forefront, offering a fresh perspective to Irish politics.

The UFC star, presently gearing up for his return to the octagon against Michael Chandler next year, shared insights into his vision for Ireland’s political landscape. McGregor’s last fight was over two years ago, where he suffered a leg injury in a bout against Dustin Poirier. Despite the hiatus, McGregor remains a prominent figure in both sports and political discussions.

Elon Musk’s endorsement adds an unexpected twist to McGregor’s potential venture into politics, sparking curiosity and discussions among fans and the public alike. As McGregor prepares for his upcoming UFC match, the prospect of a political career adds another layer of intrigue to the fighter’s narrative.