Ebanie Bridges explains why she feels bad for Conor McGregor

In the world of high-profile celebrities and athletes, the spotlight often shines harshly. Women’s world champion Ebanie Bridges recently shared her empathetic sentiments towards Conor McGregor, acknowledging the enormous attention he receives in public.

Joining McGregor at ringside during Anthony Joshua’s knockout victory against Robert Helenius in London, Bridges witnessed the fan frenzy. McGregor was surrounded by fans as he made his way to his seat with Bridges, who wore an attire advertising McGregor’s Forged Irish Stout beverage.

Bridges said that McGregor’s team approached her to represent his Forged Irish Stout drink at the event. Reflecting on this experience, Bridges told Lucky Block, “Conor’s team reached out to me and just asked me if I was going to the AJ fight and then if I was interested in collaborating. He is so caring and he just wants everyone to be okay. He’s really caring and obviously he’s the life of the party, isn’t he?”

Bridges emphasized, “While he’s doing all that, he’s definitely thinking of others around him and just making sure everyone’s okay, so that was probably something people don’t see. He’s nice, fun, supportive and really, really positive. I do feel sorry for him in a sense, especially in public. There’s so much pressure and he could probably never just be Conor McGregor.”

Conor McGregor’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. Not only has he achieved immense success inside the MMA cage, but he also made headlines off the canvas.

In 2021, Forbes ranked him as the highest-earning athlete. This was largely due to the £120 million sale of his whiskey brand, Proper 12. McGregor has also been a staunch supporter of Bridges in both her OnlyFans and boxing careers.

Ebanie stated: “Conor has not given me any specific business advice, but he just supports me. He always encourages me to keep doing what I’m doing. He says things like ‘You’re taking over’ and has said that kind of stuff to me for over a year. He always supports whatever I’m doing, so f*** the haters.”

McGregor also serves as an inspiration to Bridges. She acknowledges the brand he has built and the remarkable success he has achieved. Bridges recognizes the dedication and hard work that have propelled her own career forward and draws parallels with McGregor’s journey.

She said: “He’s just so supportive and obviously he is an inspiration, you look up to someone like him with the brand that he’s built and the success he’s made. I know that I put in a lot of work to be where I am, so I can only imagine the work that he puts in. Really it’s all about being yourself with a dash of something extra.”