Dustin Poirier pulls off a comeback at UFC 299, heads to Donald Trump’s seat

In an electrifying match at UFC 299 in Miami, former interim lightweight champion Dustin Poirier engaged in a thrilling showdown against the formidable Benoit Saint-Denis.

In a nail-biting contest, Poirier faced an early challenge but showcased remarkable resilience. He ultimately delivered a knockout blow with a flawless right hook in the second round.

The intensity of the bout drew the attention of MMA enthusiast Donald Trump. He was sitting along with UFC CEO Dana White cageside. The former US president couldn’t resist standing up to applaud Poirier’s stellar performance.

The real spectacle unfolded when Poirier approached Trump for a conversation, sharing a moment with the former president and Dana White before his interview with Joe Rogan.

Poirier’s victory at UFC 299 marked a significant return to the octagon since his defeat against Justin Gaethje in July. The knockout during their BMF title match at UFC 291 lingered in Poirier’s memory, but he proved his mettle in the latest showdown against Saint-Denis.

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Leading up to UFC 299, Poirier stirred speculation about potential retirement. He stated that every bout could be his last. At 35 years old with a career spanning 30 UFC match, the seasoned contender hinted at a possible exit from the sport.

He previously said: “Every fight could be it [my last]. Every fight. Where I’m at, 35 years old, this is my 30th fight in the UFC. Every fight could be it.”

Post-victory, Poirier made no mention of retirement and focused instead on the accolades and future opportunities within the lightweight division.

He said: “I was getting beat up a little bit, I got him at the end. He was pretty strong. I took this fight because he finished his last five opponents. He’s dangerous, every win in his professional career, he’s finished. I said I’ve got to take this fight because I honour this game that we do. I’m just a man and I’ve got a lot of respect for Benoit Saint-Denis.”

With the win, Poirier positioned himself as a contender for Islam Makhachev’s lightweight title. Although Gaethje holds the top spot, his upcoming bout with Max Holloway at UFC 300 might delay his readiness for a showdown with Khabib Nurmagomedov’s protege in June.