Donald Trump floats the idea of MMA hour appearance, Ariel Helwani turns it down

Popular MMA journalist Ariel Helwani has gained recognition for his extensive coverage of the sport. With almost two decades of experience in the industry, hosting ‘The MMA Hour’, Helwani has interviewed numerous notable figures within the MMA community.

However, nobody comes close to the latest guest he was given the opportunity to host on his programme. Ariel Helwani recently revealed his hesitations about accepting an offer to have former United States President Donald Trump as a guest on his show.

Helwani expressed his reservations, citing a desire to steer clear of political matters. He aims to maintain a neutral ground on his show and avoid any potential divisiveness that political discussions might bring. This stance allows him to focus on the core essence of his show, which revolves around the world of MMA and its diverse personalities.

Ariel Helwani stated, “Just yesterday, I was offered to have Donald Trump on the show. Not sure if I’m gonna do it. Just too political, I try to stay away from all the political stuff, you know? I wouldn’t have whoever the democratic… I don’t even know who it is, I don’t really like any of that stuff, I feel like it’s very divisive.”

Interestingly, Helwani previously interviewed Trump prior to him becoming a political figure.

It’s interesting to see Trump willing to appear on an MMA show, and it might be indicative of the willingness to connect to his fanbase on a deeper level as opposed to expanding it.

Trump has a criminal trial pending in March of 2024 and his biggest rival for the republican nomination just announced his bid to run for president in a twitter spaces event.

Ron DeSantis appeared to enjoy the support of Elon Musk, and there were even rumblings of Joe Rogan backing DeSantis early on although Rogan got a bit singed in the last election and might want to formally stay out of it.