DJ Akademiks says KSI’s Misfits Boxing offered him $1.5M to box Meek Mill

Famed DJ and influencer, Akademiks, vocalized his desire to engage in a boxing match with renowned rapper Meek Mill at an upcoming event hosted by social media personality Adin Ross. The revelation unfolded during a livestream session, igniting anticipation among fans.

Ross, known for orchestrating intimate boxing gatherings showcased exclusively on the ‘Kick’ live streaming platform, has garnered significant attention for his ventures. Despite the modest scale of these events, they have proven to be remarkably successful. With another event on the horizon, Ross is already considering potential contenders for the spotlight.

In a recent livestream, Ross extended an invitation to fellow influencer DJ Akademiks, a prominent figure within the hip-hop community renowned for his insightful discussions on rap culture and industry trends. The duo engaged in a candid conversation, delving into various topics, including Akademiks’ ongoing feud with Meek Mill.

Meek Mill, an esteemed presence in hip-hop circles, boasts a repertoire of acclaimed albums such as “Dreams and Nightmares,” “Championships,” and “Dreams Worth More Than Money.” However, his relationship with DJ Akademiks has soured over time.

The discord between the two escalated when Akademiks levied allegations against Mill, suggesting involvement in a purported liaison with fellow rapper Diddy. Subsequent exchanges on social media exacerbated tensions, culminating in a desire from both parties to resolve their differences through physical confrontation. Akademiks, in particular, expressed a willingness to meet Mill in the boxing ring, citing it as a legal recourse devoid of further complications. He even disclosed an offer of over a million dollars from Misfits Boxing, underscoring his commitment to the endeavor.

During the livestream with Adin Ross, Akademiks reiterated his eagerness to square off against the 36-year-old rapper, emphasizing his determination to seize the opportunity irrespective of the event’s scale. His motivation stems from a desire to address the conflict directly, showcasing his readiness to engage in both public and private settings.

“I’m open to participation. Whether it’s in public or private, boxing Meek Mill is a possibility. He’s a bully that I perceive as vulnerable. Let’s settle it with our fists,” stated DJ Akademiks.