Disgraced UFC star under investigation for gambling discord rebranding himself to a real estate guru

James Krause was once known for both his MMA skills and coaching excellence. He recently made headlines again, but this time not for his achievements inside the Octagon or in the corner of his competitors.

Instead, it’s his foray into the world of real estate and the unconventional approach he’s taken to financial success that has captured attention.

Not long ago, James Krause was riding high on a wave of success. With an impressive record of seven wins in his last eight UFC matches, he had proven his skills as a formidable competitor.

Simultaneously, he was making waves as a coach. He was guiding competitors under his wing to climb the rankings ladder. His coaching skills was exemplified when Brandon Moreno won the interim Flyweight title against Kai-Kara France under Krause’s guidance.

Unfortunately, Krause’s financial success was not without a suspicious component. He became well-known for his forecasts and bets and even started a subscription business for his wisdom. However, suspicions were aroused when one of his boxers suffered an unusual defeat amid suspected betting activity.

Everything vanished almost in an instant. Krause lost his job, his combatants had to move under some other gym or risk being placed on the UFC blacklist. Also, Krause had to sell his stake in Glory MMA.

Krause was being investigated for his possible involvement in the betting scandal—he was apparently an agent for an offshore sportsbook. Also, a lot of people thought he was disclosing insider information.

The majority of the incidents occurred in early 2023, around eighteen months ago. There have been little to no public updates on the probe since then. Fans now have an update on Krause, thanks to a Facebook post that became popular on MMA Twitter.

Krause disclosed in a recent post that he has moved into the real estate industry and incurred $5 million in debt.

He wrote:

“I’m in over 5 million dollars of debt and don’t lose a second of sleep over it.

Because of this I learned a few things along the way…

1. Inflation – if you do nothing with your money you are losing it due to the dollar not being worth what it once was even a year ago.

2. Cash flow – all my properties have money left over after ALL bills are paid monthly.

3. Leverage – because I have equity in my properties I’m able to leverage that equity to create lines of credit or more cash to buy more property.

Once I learned how debt worked it changed my life.

If they keep printing money then why wouldn’t you use debt?

If the people running the country are using debt, the largest companies in the world are using debt then why wouldn’t you?

Lastly, once you understand fractional banking and how it works you know that most of this is just numbers on a computer screen anyways but that’s for another post…

One of the many topics to discuss in my real estate coaching group.

If I can help you in any way shoot me a DM!”

Through the post, Krause candidly revealed his staggering $5 million debt incurred through real estate investments. Despite the alarming figure, he remained undisturbed.

Despite his financial detour, Krause remains committed to sharing his expertise. Through his real estate coaching group, he offers guidance and support to individuals seeking to replicate his success.