Dillon Danis was actually telling the truth when he said he saved Logan Paul’s life previously

Controversial MMA figure Dillon Danis recently revealed an astonishing tale of having intervened to potentially save Logan Paul’s life during a dangerous incident. The narrative sheds light on the complexities of their longstanding feud and the unlikely twist of events that unfolded.

While initially known for his association with UFC superstar Conor McGregor, Danis has carved out a reputation of his own, often embroiled in contentious situations with various combat sports personalities. He’s also often called out for lying, which made the story all the less likely.

The roots of their feud can be traced back to social media spats, which escalated into real-life confrontations. A particular incident stands out, involving Danis’ claim of having prevented Paul from a life-threatening scenario during an encounter in New York.

Danis recounted the story during a discussion on the Full Send podcast, recalling how Paul, seemingly apprehensive, approached him at a gathering. Danis stated, “He was like all freaked out, shitting his pants. He came over to the table and he was like, ‘Can you pinky promise me, you won’t do anything?’” Danis’ assurance and his crutches due to an injury seemingly calmed Paul down.

Interestingly, Paul had touched upon this incident on a podcast episode earlier, offering his perspective on how the incident unfolded. According to Paul, the incidentstemmed from a verbal exchange involving one of his friends and an individual connected to Danis. The confrontation escalated, threatening Paul’s friend. In this tense situation, Danis stepped in and averted a tragic outcome.

The culmination of their feud will occur on October 14 at the MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card event. The encounter, which started with online exchanges and led to real-life confrontations, is set to reach its climax within the boxing ring.