Dillon Danis gains twitter support to help keep roasting Logan Paul

Dillon Danis is gearing up for a showdown with popular YouTuber Logan Paul at the upcoming MF & DAZN: X Series – The Prime Card event on October 14. This event, headlined by KSI and Tommy Fury, has garnered significant attention, thanks in part to Danis’s antics on Twitter.

Danis, perhaps best known as Conor McGregor’s sparring partner, has a history of stirring up controversy, especially during the lead-up to McGregor’s bout against Khabib Nurmagomedov. He’s clashed with various public figures and made polarizing statements on social media, earning him a fair share of detractors within the combat sports community.

However, his upcoming boxing match with Logan Paul has surprisingly earned him a wave of new supporters. Danis’s approach? He took to trolling Paul’s fiancée, Nina Agdal, suggesting she had quite a past with numerous ex-boyfriends. Danis even shared provocative photos of Nina with her previous partners, generating substantial attention in the process.

According to a recent report from DramaAlert, Danis’s efforts have undeniably paid off. In the month of August alone, he gained over 415,000 new followers on Twitter and reached an astounding two billion views on his tweets.

It’s estimated that he earned over $30,000 (£23,593) from his social media activity during that period. Notably, a video shared by Danis discussing Nina’s desires racked up an impressive 136 million views.

These positive outcomes have only fueled Danis’s desire to continue needling Paul. In a tweet, Danis playfully hinted at the possibility of Paul experiencing his “second pump and dump” if he were to break off the engagement with Nina.

Amusingly, the Twitter community added some context to Danis’s statement, humorously suggesting it would be Paul’s “third” pump and dump. This reference harks back to Logan Paul’s alleged involvement in crypto pump and dump schemes.

In 2021, Paul was accused of hyping the ELON cryptocurrency, only to sell it a week later, pocketing a substantial $112,000. A similar incident occurred the same year with a different cryptocurrency, where Paul’s enthusiastic endorsement preceded a swift sale, ultimately netting him $116,000 in profits.

Danis’s newfound Twitter success and the witty community responses have added an extra layer of intrigue to his upcoming clash with Logan Paul, making this bout one of the most talked-about events in combat sports.