Dillon Danis calling for Logan Paul to be disqualified due to illegal punch

Dillon Danis went through quite a rollercoaster in the aftermath of his intense clash with Logan Paul.

He is adamant that Paul should have faced disqualification for an illicit punch during their bout on Saturday night.

The spectacle in Manchester was nothing short of bizarre, as Danis repeatedly attempted to transform the match into an MMA showdown. However, it was evident that Paul’s boxing prowess overshadowed Danis’s unconventional approach.

The vstf took a chaotic turn in the final round when Danis tried to apply a guillotine choke on Paul, but the situation quickly spiraled out of control. Paul responded with punches, and security personnel rushed into the ring to restore order. Danis’ entourage also joined the fray, leading to a mass brawl.

Consequently, the victory was handed to Paul via disqualification. However, Danis strongly contests this decision, firmly believing that it should have gone the other way.

Backstage footage reveals Danis venting his frustration as he expressed, “I ate every single one of his shots.” He further questioned the legitimacy of Paul’s actions, stating, “He hit me on the ground, isn’t that a DQ, it’s bulls***.”

The controversy didn’t end with this fight, as the outcome of Tommy Fury vs. KSI, which took place on the same card, also came under scrutiny after the match.

Although Fury emerged as the winner by majority decision, many, including middleweight contender Chris Eubank Jr. and promoter Eddie Hearn, believed that KSI should have been the victor, or at least it should have ended in a draw. KSI himself criticized the judges’ scorecards as “outrageous” and has expressed a desire to appeal the decision.

This sequence of events has left the boxing world buzzing with debates and discussions regarding the fairness and outcomes of these high-profile matches.