Dillon Danis admits he didn’t train and had no coach for Logan Paul event

Dillon Danis recently made headlines by admitting that he had received no formal boxing training prior to his much-anticipated bout with Logan Paul. This revelation came after Danis’s disqualification in the final round of the event, following a series of events that unfolded in Manchester.

The card took place last night and was the source of much speculation and excitement. However, it concluded with Danis losing the previous five rounds and being disqualified in the final round. Up until this point, Danis had barely thrown a punch, and it was his takedown attempt that initiated a chaotic brawl, leading to security personnel entering the ring to restore order.

In a candid statement, Danis confessed that he had not undergone any boxing training camp or received guidance from a boxing coach in preparation for his boxing debut. He took to Twitter to express his thoughts, saying, “A jiu-jitsu specialist without a boxing camp or coach, I made my debut. I never wobbled, never hit the canvas, received no standing eight count, and managed to rock you multiple times. If I were Nina (Paul’s fiancee), I’d reconsider the wedding plans. In your own sport, you’ve achieved nothing. MMA is up next.”

This admission from Danis came after Logan Paul publicly shared his feelings about the fight, stating, “Honestly, there’s nothing to be proud of. That guy is terrible, a real disappointment. I’m going back to living my life, but it felt great to dominate him for six rounds and witness him embarrass himself. Cheers to Prime.”

In the privacy of his dressing room, Logan Paul added, “‘I was really eager to knock him out, but I reminded myself not to engage in an emotionally fueled fight. The one thing we did do is hand that fellow a solid beating.”