Devin Clark’s Teeth Got Mangled In Cutelaba fight

Devin Clark wasn’t kidding when he said he had an issue with his teeth mid-bout against Ion Cutelaba. Clark was vocal about his issues but kept pushing on and ultimately lost a decision to Ion Cutelaba – along with a third of his bottom gums it looks like.

He almost didn’t come out for that Round 3, though, because in between rounds Clark told his corner he was having an issue with his teeth. They had some discussion about whether he can come back out to finish the fight.

The issue wasn’t apparent at the time – but it now is.

Jeff Bottari (via Getty Images) took a shot that showed the inside of Clark’s mouth where his gums and teeth were badly disfigured

That’s a gum break. Luckily all of his teeth seem to be rooted except one but he lost one tooth, so it’s definitely not as bad as it could’ve been.

Clark is now 12-6 in his mma career. His father was a notable part of his corner. WHen things got tough – he insisted his son tough it out. Which brings us to an interesting point:

“One of the things we found out when we did a study in California was that the most common factor in fatalities was having fathers in the corner. It’s a factor which is clearly an association, and that piece of information might be helpful for doctors and the referee, when the time comes when the fight should continue.”