Despite showing a talent for boxing, Mike Tyson didn’t want his son to be a boxer

The world has witnessed numerous instances of sons following in the footsteps of their famous fathers, be it in the realm of sports or other fields. Tiger Woods-Charlie Woods, Joe Bryant-Kobe Bryant, and Dell Curry-Stephen Curry are some legendary father-son duos celebrated in the world of sports.

But in the field of combat sports, the dynamics are often different. The nature of injuries in combat sports surpasses the pain endured in most other sports. Many aspiring athletes have suffered from severe fatal injuries, and the risks of permanent disability or even death are significantly higher within this field.

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is renowned for his boxing prowess. However, he stood out from other parents in his stance on his children pursuing boxing. Tyson previously shared his desire for his children not to follow in his footsteps in a conversation with renowned UFC color analyst Joe Rogan.

A 2018 video shows Tyson holding pads while his son Miguel Leon Tyson displayed exceptional technique and power in his punches. The combat sports community buzzed with anticipation, assuming that Miguel would soon follow his father’s path. However, Tyson made it abundantly clear that this was not his wish for his children.

In an episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience,’ Tyson reiterated his stance on his children’s involvement in combat sports.

When asked by Joe Rogan if he wanted his kids to compete, Tyson responded with a resolute “No, no.” He emphasized his perspective, stating: “That’s what I did it for, so that they don’t have to.”

Rogan understood Tyson’s point and remarked, “Yeah, I remember. You were talking about your son hitting pads and him possibly fighting. Like, man, you don’t have to fight an animal like me.”

Mike Tyson is known for his ferocity inside the ring. But he is also a sensitive father who does not wish for his son to enter the world of boxing.

Although Miguel Leon Tyson showcased glimpses of his father’s punching qualities in the video, he never pursued a professional boxing career. Miguel’s life has taken a different path from that of his father.

Aside from boxing, he has harbored a passion for music since his childhood. Since 2017, he has been working as a music teacher at ‘iwilGo.’

Furthermore, Miguel has been actively involved with the American Red Cross since August 2021. He contributed as an Orthopedic Assistant at the Desert Orthopedic Centre in Las Vegas, Nevada, for two years.