Demetrius Johnson determined to have a grappling match against bodybuilder twice his size

The MMA landscape is abuzz with speculation and excitement as Demetrious Johnson and Bradley Martyn’s contemplate a potential grappling showdown.

A recent podcast featuring  Henry Cejudo sheds light on their discussion, setting the stage for what could be a captivating encounter.

Bradley Martyn has boldly asserted his size advantage over smaller opponents. Weighing in at over 260 lbs, Martyn asserts that his physical stature alone could overpower even highly skilled and trained individuals.

In an interview with Brendan Schaub, he expressed his desire to prove this by grappling with Demetrious Johnson, a former UFC champion.

In a podcast episode featuring Demetrious Johnson and Henry Cejudo, Johnson offered a seasoned perspective on Martyn’s claims.

“It’s funny, you know, he’s 265, he’s a bodybuilder so he’s obviously got the weight advantage…but at the end of the day that’s the thing about grappling. It’s not about weight, it’s about technique. We’re going to try and grapple. I’ve told Brendan Schaub that I want to make it happen.”

Henry Cejudo chimed in with a practical point: “That’s awesome man, but if you’re going to do anything, you got to get paid man.”

MMA fans are intrigued by the clash of these contrasting styles – Johnson’s technical finesse against Martyn’s sheer size.

Industry veterans, including Joe Rogan, have chimed in on the matter. Rogan’s categorical dismissal of Martyn’s chances against Johnson has stirred further conversations.

“No chance, he [Bradley Martyn] has no chance. He’s going to get his back taken.”

Rogan’s emphasis on Johnson’s expertise and the unlikelihood of Martyn’s success underscores the intrigue surrounding the grappling match.

Martyn was previously exposed by comedian Bryan Callen as a real novice grappler. While Callen allegedly has a BJJ blue belt, he’s far from skilled or elite and yet even he was able to somewhat control Martyn.

Martyn hasn’t replied to Jake Paul’s major offer for Martyn to face Mike Perry as of yet, but that’s potentially much more interesting considering that would be MMA over grappling.