Delusional bodybuilder thinks he could have a chance to defeat UFC’s Alex Pereira

Bodybuilder and prominent social media figure Bradley Martyn has ignited a spark within the MMA community by asserting that he could hold his own against some of the biggest names in combat sports.

With an imposing stature of 6’3” and a weight of approximately 250 pounds, Martyn undeniably possesses a commanding physical presence. However, it seems that the fitness guru may have overestimated his size as an indicator of his ability to contend with elite mixed martial artists.

In recent statements, Martyn not only proposed a hypothetical street battle against Nate Diaz but also accepted a challenge from the renowned former UFC and reigning ONE flyweight world champion, Demetrious Johnson.

Yet, Martyn’s assertions took a more audacious turn when the topic shifted to a potential street encounter with ex-UFC middleweight world champion, Alex Pereira.

Curious about the specifics, Martyn inquired whether the contest would take place in the United States or Brazil, suggesting that the location might influence the outcome against one of the most formidable strikers in the world.

Reflecting on the hypothetical showdown, Martyn acknowledged the variables that might influence the result. He stated, “Yeah, I don’t know man. Honestly, it depends. It depends on things like the weather and other external factors. The wind, you know. Yeah, definitely.”

To be clear, the answer Martyn was seeking, and the response he should have reached, was a resounding ‘No.’

Logan Paul recently directed his focus towards Martyn during an episode of his IMPAULSIVE podcast. Paul extended an invitation to Martyn, urging him to come to Puerto Rico for a sparring session.

“Bradley, you need to be humbled. It sounds like you haven’t experienced that yet. I’m inviting you to Puerto Rico to spar with me and get humbled. If you’re serious, I’m welcoming you to Puerto Rico to promote my upcoming fight. We’ll spar, and I’ll make sure to humble you,” Paul asserted.

Martyn’s provocative content seems to have irked certain members of the combat sports community. The question remains whether Martyn will back his confident claims with action or continue issuing verbal challenges he may not be able to meet.