Darren Till disses former female Boxing Champ Ebanie Bridges after she bragged about her Porsche

Australian boxer Ebanie Bridges didn’t hold back when MMA fighter Darren Till took a jab at her recent social media post. Bridges had shared a tweet about offering a young girl a ride in her Porsche, accompanied by an encouraging message to pursue her dreams. However, Till used this as an opportunity to criticize Bridges for her involvement in adult-rated content on OnlyF*ns.

In response to Bridges’ post, Till sarcastically remarked, suggesting that women could achieve success by exposing themselves online. Unfazed by Till’s remarks, Bridges swiftly fired back in the comments section, acknowledging the attention her response was receiving and how it positively impacted her finances.

She also humorously noted Till’s tendency to complain about women on social media, despite his lack of notable achievements in fighting.

When a fan pointed out that the young girl admired Bridges for her boxing accomplishments rather than her online activities, Bridges playfully teased Till about his MMA career, highlighting his failure to secure any significant titles.

However, Till didn’t back down, doubling down on his criticism of Bridges’ OnlyF*ns career and belittling her achievements.

In a final retort, Bridges kept her response concise, asserting her victory in the argument against Till. This exchange comes amidst Bridges’ recent loss of her bantamweight title and Till’s ongoing losing streak in MMA.

As both athletes engage in verbal sparring online, their fans await their respective returns to the ring and cage, eager to witness their performances and potential comebacks.