Darren TIll dismisses reports of him boxing against Logan Paul, disses Dillon Danis

Fresh from his stint in the UFC, Darren Till, has recently responded to Dillon Danis’ comments about his boxing career move.

Till left the UFC earlier this year, following a string of losses that ended with his defeat to Dricus du Plessis in December.

While he has not ruled out a return to the UFC, Till has hinted at a possible switch to boxing. Rumours have even circulated about a potential lucrative match-up against Logan Paul.

However, Dillon Danis was quick to mock both Till and Paul on social media. Unsurprisingly, Till was not impressed by Danis’ remarks.

Liverpudlian was taken aback by Danis’ comments, stating that he has never said anything about Danis before. Till told Maclife:

“like Conor, I know all his mates from Ireland. I know them all, I get on really well with them all. So what’s he talking s*** for like? I can’t physically or mentally respond to the guy because he argues and trolls everyone. ”

“For me, why would I even get worked up about a guy like that, who pulled out of a fight with KSI like? What am I gonna gain from responding to Dillon Danis? Like, what mate?”

Till also pointed out that he knows Danis’ friends, including Conor McGregor’s entourage from Ireland, and gets along with them well. Therefore, Till questioned why Danis was speaking negatively about him.

Till also highlighted the fact that he considers himself a good mixed martial artist despite his recent losses, and would not waste his time responding to someone like Danis.

In his opinion, Danis is someone who argues and trolls everyone, and is not worth getting worked up about. Till went on to question what he would gain from responding to someone like Danis, who even pulled out of an event with KSI.