Daniel Cormier’s gets ridiculed after sharing list of Top 5 Boxers and mixed martial artists of all time

Any time there are comparisons made between ‘greatest of all time’ there’s ample drama. If we add on the catalyst that is Stephen A. Smith we get viral bait.

This is exactly what happened once Cormier revealed his Top 5 GOATS in MMA and Boxing of all time.

Cormier and Stephen A. Smith revealed the nugget on ESPN's First Take. 
Cormier and Stephen A. Smith revealed the nugget on ESPN’s First Take.


Some people don’t mind his choices, but others have come down hard on the former UFC champion.

One fan called it “the most embarrassing take I’ve ever heard in the history of sports.”

However, some people would be puzzled by his selections. The dual-division UFC champion Amanda Nunes came in at number five on DC’s list. On the other hand, the legendary welterweight Georges St-Pierre claimed the number four slot.

Now, here is where the debate about DC’s rankings begins.

Muhammad Ali was put third on the list behind undefeated UFC champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

DC said, “I reserve the top of my list for the undefeated. Muhammad Ali was not undefeated, I cannot put him there.”

Of course, Floyd Mayweather Jr. took the top slot. Fans went into a frenzy when First Take shared DC’s top five on social media.

“Arguably the worst list I have ever seen,” one individual said.

Another person added: “Khabib over Jon Jones? LOL that’s just preposterous.”

A third person just said, “Clown.”

“Muhammad Ali below Khabib is the most embarrassing take i’ve ever heard in the history of sports.”

Stephen A was unable to believe what he was hearing.

He yelled, “Number three?! Muhammad Ali?! Oh my lord, oh my lord. Are you kidding me?”

Cormier then went on MMA Hour where Ariel Helwani called him on it and left him defending his reasoning for choosing said list.

“I mean, it’s one of the most embarrassing list.” Helwani opened the discussion.

Cormier pushed back rationalizing some of his choices.

“Double champ lifted both championships up and down between weight classes, doing what I’ve never been done before. She defended the featherweight belt. She defended the bantamweight belt. She has done things that have never been done before in mixed martial arts. Yes, she is the greatest female fighter of all time, which puts her on my list of top five fighters.”

Helwani questioned this choice due to Nunes having lost to Cat Zingano prior to her title reign. He also questioned the legitimacy of UFC’s 145lbs female division.

It’s widely known that UFC featherweight has no rankings on site and has barely any athletes in it.

“At three? is that a problem? Everybody’s so mad because I put Muhammad Ali at three.”

Helwani went on to push DC over placing Khabib Nurmagomedov over Ali:

“Keep going. This is where it gets a little suspect.”

Cormier explained:

“Undefeated. Undisputed. UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, the eagle of Dagestan. Khabib Nurmagomedov because you say ‘oh three title defenses’, Yeah, he could have had 20.”

Helwani agreed he could’ve had 20 and emphasized the ‘could’ in the sentence.