Daniel Cormier is still salty about Jon Jones after all these years

Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones is a rivalry that has defined an era in mixed martial arts. While their epic bouts inside the Octagon are now part of MMA folklore, it seems that the animosity between these two contenders is far from extinguished.

In a recent turn of events, it appears that Cormier is still feeling the sting of the rivalry and Jones’ recent comments only add fuel to the fire.

Jones recently took the opportunity during a seminar to discuss Cormier’s combat style. However, it wasn’t a straightforward analysis.

In a recent video, Cormier sheds light on Jones making sounds while discussing him. Cormier states, “I guess he was doing a seminar or something and he was talking about me the way that I fought, but he was making these sounds right? I just want everyone to know while it seems as though he wants to give me my flowers. He likes to make fun of me.”

Cormier went on to talk about the apparent irony in Jones’ fans making fun of Cormier that Jones lives rent-free in DC’s head.

Cormier responds, “People say stuff like Jones lives rent free in DC’s head. What about him? He’s doing a seminar talking about me.”

Cormier also acknowledges Jones’ comments on his combat style, particularly the overhand right and high crotch technique. Despite expressing admiration for Jones’ team’s game plan, Cormier hints at the double standard when he asks, “I wonder if he gets the same thing that I get when I respond.”

Adding a touch of humor to the situation, Cormier mentions the sound Jones would make when kneeing him in the belly. “I love the sound he made that I would make when he would knee me in the belly because for a long time he’s called me fat. I got to see the fat under his chin for the first time,” Cormier quips.

The lingering bitterness and banter between Cormier and Jones continue to captivate MMA fans, keeping the flame of their rivalry burning. While both competitors have moved on in their respective careers, it’s clear that the competitive spirit and the desire to one-up each other are still very much alive.