Dana White turned off by Dillon Danis antics: ‘We Can’t Have That Stuff Going On Here’

UFC CEO Dana White seems uninterested in including Dillon Danis in the roster. This is despite recent claims made by Danis regarding his retirement from MMA if not signed by UFC.

Danis recently faced a humiliating defeat in his boxing debut against Logan Paul. During his appearance on The MMA Hour, Danis said: “I’m going to tell Dana White. I don’t care who it is. Just give me anybody, and if they don’t do it, I can just retire and chill.”

During an appearance on the Nelk Boys’ Full Send podcast, Dana White addressed the possibility of signing Danis. White conveyed his reservations about Danis’s behavior beyond the ring.

White expressed, “The other thing with him is, and I have no beef with the kid at all, I’ve probably said two words to him in my whole life. But every time he’s around, sh**’s going down.”

Further discussing Danis’s conduct, White highlighted the UFC’s aversion to chaotic situations. He stated, “We can’t have that stuff going on here. A lot of people will see when guys get into it on stage or something starts to happen, they’re like oh, they must love this or whatever. No. No, we don’t love it. We don’t need that shit to sell fights. It’s our job to keep that sh** under control.”

White went on, emphasizing: “That’s why when you see these other events with these guys and everything breaks out like that, it’s a f**king… Total unprofessional clown show.”

Danis had declared his retirement from MMA via social media platforms merely two weeks ago, adding to the uncertainties surrounding his career trajectory.

Rather than Dillon, it seems like Dana White is more likely to be interested in Bellator free agent Michael Page.

The UFC CEO showed interest in a potential agreement when questioned about it at the UFC 294 news conference. He said: “Listen, he’s a kid that we’re definitely interested in and he’s interested, too, so, possibly.”