Dana White roasts Shara Magomedov: I don’t know how he’s from Dagestan and has no takedown defense

The much-anticipated UFC 294 unfolded at the Etihad Arena in Abu Dhabi, UAE. One combatant who stole the spotlight was Sharabutdin Magomedov, making his Octagon debut.

With his undefeated record, Magomedov was poised to secure a victory. Fans were thrilled to witness him in action, as he was slated to face middleweight striker Bruno Silva.

Although Magomedov didn’t achieve a first-round knockout as fans had hoped, his performance showcased exceptional combat skills. He executed side kicks, head kicks, front kicks targeting the body, and unleashed precise long-range punches. Additionally, he demonstrated effective knee strikes during clinches.

While Silva managed takedowns in the second and third rounds, Magomedov largely dominated the match.

Magomedov’s consistent performance over the three rounds earned him a well-deserved victory. But in a surprising turn of events during the press conference, UFC CEO Dana White commented: “I don’t know how he’s from Dagestan and has no takedown defense.”

The MMA industry has drawn many of its top competitors from the Russian territory of Dagestan. White thought it strange that Magomedov didn’t have a great takedown defense.

Post his UFC debut, Sharaputdin Magomedov isn’t wasting any time. He has his sights set on stepping back into the Octagon soon. During the press conference after the bout, he announced his next match on December 9 in Shanghai, China.


Magomedov is determined to stay active and compete as frequently as possible, a fact well-known to his fans. He openly stated, “I want to stay as active as possible. I want to fight as much as possible. My fans know that. My fans know that I usually stay active.”

Magomedov revealed that he had discussed this with Dana White, who readily gave his approval. Dana stated: “Sure, let’s go. Let’s put the foot to the gas.”

Before joining the UFC, Magomedov primarily competed in China and Russia. This is why he’s keen on returning to Shanghai, a place he’s familiar with. It’s evident that Magomedov is resolute in leaving his mark on the UFC stage, and fans are eagerly anticipating his next appearance in the octagon.