Dana White reacts to Strickland’s confrontation with Machine Gun Kelly

Former UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland found himself in a heated exchange with music sensation Machine Gun Kelly (MGK) during a Power Slap event at the Durango Casino.

In a surprising turn of events on Friday night, Strickland didn’t pull any punches as he verbally got into an argument with MGK. The ex-champion called Kelly a “weirdo” and even went so far as to call him a “vampire man” during the confrontation at the high-profile event.

Not content with just a face-to-face confrontation, Strickland took to social media to amplify his disdain for Machine Gun Kelly.

He wrote: “I almost hit a vampire tonight… lol! They said his name is machine gun kelly.. How do you have a dope a*s name and dress like a 13 goth south park character?!?”

After getting to know that MGK and Hollywood actress Megan Fox are dating, Strickland expressed his surprise.

He wrote: “You guys what the f**k is going on………. Transformers Megan Fox is with that thing….. what the actual f**k has happened to the world?! What did I miss? Is she OK? Is this man the devil? @meganfox are you ok? Do you need assistance?!”

The drama didn’t go unnoticed, prompting a response from UFC President Dana White during Power Slap’s press conference after the match. White’s take on the situation was clear. He said: “You can’t bring Sean Strickland around any other human beings. It has nothing to do with Machine Gun Kelly; it’s about humans.”

Recently, Strickland sparred with streamer and influencer Sneako at the UFC Performance Institute. He ended up giving Sneako a good beating and battering him until he started bleeding.

When the punches finally stopped, Sneako’s nose was covered in blood. But Strickland subsequently admitted that since Sneako did not fall to the canvas, he had earned Strickland’s respect.

Strickland is currently coming off a loss against Dricus du Plessis. He ended up losing his middleweight title to the South African.