Dana White puts out bounty of $2,500 for violent trespasser who tried to break into his property

UFC president Dana White has taken a strong stance against an attempted break-in at his residence in Maine. He shared footage of the incident on his Instagram stories and has offered a substantial reward for information leading to the identification of the individual involved.

Dana White recounted the concerning incident that unfolded at his Maine residence. He revealed that an unidentified individual forcefully attempted to enter his home by kicking down the front door. To address this alarming situation, White has placed a $2,500 prize on the table for anyone who can provide information that aids in identifying the alleged intruder.

White’s decision to offer a reward is a strategic move aimed at encouraging the public to assist law enforcement agencies in their efforts to track down the person responsible for the attempted break-in.

The UFC president expressed his frustration and determination to bring the intruder to justice in his Instagram story. He stated: “This f***face just tried to kick my front door in Levant, Maine. I will [give] 2500 dollars to the first person to let the police know who he is.”

A video clip shared by Dana White captures the moment when the individual attempted to kick down the door. The intruder seemed to become aware of a security camera positioned near the entrance, which was recording his actions. In a seemingly panicked attempt to conceal his identity, he promptly left the scene.

Before his involvement with the UFC, Dana White resided in Maine and held two jobs. He and his wife still maintain ownership of a home in Levant, Maine, which they visit regularly. It was at this very residence that the alleged break-in took place.

Shifting focus to the world of UFC sports, Sean O’Malley’s recent victory stands out as one of the most spectacular wins in recent times. Despite entering the bantamweight championship as an underdog, O’Malley’s remarkable performance against Aljamain Sterling resulted in a memorable knockout (KO) victory. This triumph solidified O’Malley’s status as a rising star within the UFC.

Dana White’s support for O’Malley was evident, particularly given his prediction of O’Malley’s success. In a recent interview, O’Malley shared a moment from after his victory, when Dana White wrapped the championship belt around him.

O’Malley recounted the incident in a recent interview with TMZ Sports. He said: “To have everyone in there after the fight still feels kind of like a dream. That moment Dana is wrapping the belt around he said ‘Kid, you have no idea how much money you’re going to make.’ I said yes I do.”

O’Malley’s victory over a dominant champion like Aljamain Sterling has elevated his reputation within the UFC community. Already popular among UFC enthusiasts, O’Malley’s title-winning TKO victory is expected to propel him into even greater fame.