Dana White open to Brock Lesnar’s return: “He looks good, doesn’t he?”

As the anticipation for UFC 300 builds, discussions about potential matchups for the headline slot are already gaining momentum. Former UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar has emerged as a prominent name in these discussions.

The prospect of Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC ring after a hiatus of seven years is generating significant excitement within the MMA community. Lesnar’s last appearance was in July 2016, where he secured a victory against Mark Hunt.

Unfortunately, this victory was later turned into no-contest due to Lesnar’s suspension for using PEDs.

Despite nearing the age of 50, Brock Lesnar remains a formidable force both inside and outside the octagon. Renowned for his wrestling prowess, Lesnar has enjoyed a remarkable career spanning over two decades. His success extends beyond the UFC, as he achieved stardom in the WWE  as well.

Dana White strategically brought Brock Lesnar into the organization in 2008. The move aimed to enhance the crossover appeal of the sport and inject life into the heavyweight division, which was comparatively lackluster at the time.

Lesnar’s arrival marked a turning point, as he achieved victories against formidable opponents like Heath Herring, Randy Couture, and Frank Mir. The wins solidified his status as the sport’s premier attraction.

Although Brock Lesnar couldn’t regain the title after facing defeat against Cain Velasquez at UFC 121, he maintained his standing as a beloved figure within the wrestling and MMA communities. His potential comeback at UFC 300 has ignited interest among fans of both sports.

While Dana White acknowledges his interest in the idea, he expresses reservations about the feasibility of arranging a match for the former WWE superstar.

White talked to Sports Illustrated’s FanNation. He said: “Brock looks good, doesn’t he?”

But despite Lesnar’s physical transformation, White remains skeptical about the possibility of a comeback.

He continued: “I think Brock’s done. I don’t think he ever comes back.”

While the door to speculation remains open, White’s statement implies that Lesnar’s return might be unlikely.

Brock Lesnar concluded his initial UFC journey seven years ago, leaving behind an MMA record of 5-3 (1 NC). This record includes a notable loss to Alistair Overeem and a triumphant comeback against the now-retired Shane Carwin.

While milestone events like UFC 100 and UFC 200 transpired in July, the highly anticipated UFC 300 is slated for April 2024 if the UFC’s schedule with ESPN/ESPN+ remains on track.

As fans await the grand spectacle, UFC 293 is set to take place on September 9th in Australia. The event will be headlined by the clash between Israel Adesanya and Sean Strickland for the middleweight title.