Dana White got testy when Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland were questioned about Hotel incident

The UFC 287 press conference earlier today was temporarily stopped due to questions about the incident between Jorge Masvidal and Kevin Holland. Both are set to return to the octagon this weekend but not against each other. Masvidal is expected to face Gilbert Burns in the co-main event, while Holland is scheduled to fight Santiago Ponzibbio on the main card in a welterweight showcase.

The verbal altercation between Masvidal and Holland happened earlier this week at the hotel, where they had to be separated.

Although UFC officials prevented things from getting worse, there’s still no answer as to what led to the argument. The two hadn’t interacted much before their verbal spat, leaving fans eager to know more about the situation.

During the UFC 287 press conference, a reporter asked Masvidal and Holland about their altercation. However, their response sparked another back-and-forth that prompted Dana White to shut down the situation and scold the reporter.

Jorge Masvidal dismissed the question and said, “It was about absolutely nothing. There’s nothing to talk about, it’s just some dck riding, clout-chasing, btch. There’s nothing to talk about.”

Kevin Holland interjected and said, “No, that’s not what you were saying yesterday bro. Watch your f*cking mouth. I called him baby girl and he got mad.”

Dana White interrupted the welterweight fighters and asked if the reporter had a question about the fight or if they just wanted to start trouble. He then ended the press conference, leaving fans with more questions than answers.

Masvidal and Holland are two of the most popular fighters in the UFC, and fans are eagerly anticipating their respective fights this weekend. While they won’t be facing each other, the brief altercation at the hotel has added an extra level of intrigue to the already exciting UFC 287 card.