Dana White gets roasted for working on Power Slap game

UFC President Dana White has recently revealed news for his controversial sport. In addition to the ongoing Power Slap league, White announced that a Power Slap video game is currently in production and will soon be available to the public.

Earlier this year, Dana White stirred up controversy by introducing the slap league known as Power Slap. Despite facing criticism for his involvement in the sport after a publicized incident involving his wife, White remained steadfast in his support for Power Slap. He drew parallels between the new sport and the early years of the UFC, defending its unconventional nature.

White also went on to claim that ‘Slap is huge in India’ which is a claim that’s very hard to substantiate.

The ongoing second season of Power Slap has received much less publicity. One of the league’s first super-heavyweight clashes featured ‘Slap for Cash’, a huge individual weighing in at 33 stone. Much to the surprise of viewers, he suffered from a knockout after eating a chocolate bar during the weigh-in.

The excitement surrounding Power Slap has been fueled by controversial incidents. Austin Turpin gained popularity when he delivered a knockout blow to his opponent during a recent Power Slap match.

Prior to that Power Slap made waves after several contestants claimed they do not train at all and basically accidentally outed slap as a gimmick during promotional event.

Dana White recently shared news regarding the development of a Power Slap video game at UFC 290. The 53-year-old UFC president revealed that the game is close to completion and will soon be ready for release.

He said: “It’s funny you ask that. I did get some information today. We’re close to getting it done and getting it out.”

Fans on social media made fun of the news and one particular tweet by @oocmma gained significant traction. The tweet featured a modified PlayStation controller with only one button, sarcastically indicating that the game’s mechanics would be incredibly simplistic.

He sarcastically tweeted the picture with the caption: “Can’t wait for this, just bought my controller”

In addition to the Power Slap game announcement, the MMA community received further exciting news. EA Sports confirmed the development of the highly anticipated ‘UFC 5’. This announcement comes nearly three years after the previous installment’s release.

While an official release date has yet to be disclosed, EA Sports promised a “full reveal” in September. Although specifics remain unknown, it is highly likely that the game will focus on next-generation consoles such as the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.