Dana White gets caught redhanded: He claimed Power Slap game did 350M downloads – which would’ve made it the most popular game of all time

UFC president Dana White proudly announced the extraordinary success of his brainchild the Power Slap mobile game, during a recent press conference. White’s enthusiasm was palpable as he shared the staggering statistics of downloads across various platforms.

White excitedly stated: “Everything’s good, man. Our video game – I don’t know if I told you guys this – but the video game did 350 million downloads. Kicking, I mean, just kicking a**.”

White appears to not very little about actual gaming. For instance, Subway Surfers had 150 million users who played the game once a month this month – and this is a game that has a total of over 3 billion downloads over the course of the last decade. Yet even Subway surfer never had 350M people pick it up in a month.

To make the White’s ‘white lie’ even worse, google playstore does publish the total number of downloads of an app.

Power slap had just a million of downloads on the google playstore. Even if we were to assume that the majority of downloads come from the Apple app store, it’s doubtful it’s 300 times more.

But skeptical UFC fans on Reddit raised doubts, drawing parallels to the infamous Jussie Smollett incident where an actor staged a hate crime against himself. One fan remarked, “I believe this like I believe Jussie Smollet”

Some of the oher comments were:

“It was actually 350 billion.”

“Our first contact with the extra terrestrials was to tell us how good the Power Slap Video game was.”

“Can confirm, just bought 4 more PS5’s just to house all the extra copies.”

Numerous jokes were made about Dana White by fans as well.

“Dana has the best job lol just get up in front of people and lie”

“Is he talk talking about his match against his wife?”

Fans also offered a more statistical interpretation of the bold declaration made by the UFC president.

“Just checked and its around 1 million downloads, which is surprising honestly. You literally can only win by watching ads to slap someone more. Thats it.”

“The record for most downloaded mobile game is subway surfers at 308 million. Amazing that power slap blew that record out of the water.”

“I can’t believe how anyone could believe this bullshit. Power Slap was released less than 2 months ago, making 350mil downloads in that time would be a world record, those numbers put Minecraft to shame…”

Shifting focus to the high-stakes match at Noche UFC, the showdown between Alexa Grasso and Valentina Shevchenko ended in a controversial draw. On one judge’s scorecard, Grasso secured a decisive 10-8 in the fifth round which allowed her to draw level 47-47 and tie the other opponent with a 48-47 scorecard.

In a DWCS news conference, Dana White voiced his surprise and announced a trilogy match between the two. He stated: “When I found out one of the judges scored it 10-8, this guy should be f*cking investigated for this. This is the craziest sh*t I’ve ever seen in my life. He just f****d up and made a mistake. It’s unfortunate. There’s no way in hell that was a 10-8 round.”