Dana White claims he sold out a Power slap event for $300k

UFC president Dana White recently appeared on the The Pat McAfee Show podcast. Among the various topics he talked about, White discussed the rising popularity of his new Power Slap League.

White revealed that the Power Slap event this Friday has already sold out and generated a $300,000 gate.

Power Slap is a new combat sport league created by White where competitors slap each other until someone gets knocked out. The league launched last year and faced great controversy from fans who are concerned about the safety of competitors.

However, White claims that the sport has generated a cult following. He claims that it is as famous as of White’s other ventures, like the UFC and Contender Series.

On selling out the upcoming Power Slap event, White said: “This Friday, man. It’s our first time out of the Apex sold out at Durango Station… We did VIP packages. $300,000 gate this weekend for this Power Slap.”

White went on to say the competitors in Power Slap have seen their lives changed by the new opportunities the sport has created.

He stated: “These guys, if you look at Power Slap, this thing’s like a year and three weeks old when we started this thing. The guy, Wolverine, who’s looked at the best in the world right now, this guy’s paid off his house, paid off his cars… Yeah. Now they’re making real money and, you know, just changed a lot of these guys’ lives.”

While Power Slap may seem odd to some, White thinks there is an audience who will pay to see it.

White has previously made a number of extravagant claims about Power slap that have either been disproven or greatly infalted. Who knew ONE FC wasn’t the only organization into fudging the numbers?

Just like his belief in his new Power Slap venture, Dana White is a huge believer and proponent of ice baths and cold water plunges for recovery.

When asked which recovery modality he would pick if he could only choose one, White said it would be ice baths. White asserted: “If I had to pick one, if you say you have to pick one, I’d say the cold plunge.”

White said taking cold plunges is something he has been doing for years. Though the timing of ice baths has changed, White is still a big believer in their benefits. He credits the practice for helping him look and feel better at 54 years old.