Cris Cyborg Reveals A Female Pro Wrestler Tried To Dojo Storm Her Gym

Cris Cyborg has been a fixture in the world of Mixed Martial Arts for a number of years.  The 36 year old former UFC champion and current Bellator champion found herself in an interesting situation when a Pro Wrestler tried to challenge her.

If Cris Cyborg is to be believed, the pro wrestler came to her gym and challenged her to a closed door match. Cyborg claims she accepted.

“Had a female @aew wrestler show up to my MMA gym this morning and challenge me to a closed door match…of course I accepted.”

While she was active on social media following the revelation she didn’t disclose who the wrestler was and what the ultimate outcome was.

Many people who saw the tweet questioned the truthfulness of the claim  – their perception undoubtedly colored by how she departed from the UFC. Cyborg parted ways with the UFC after her manager/boyfriend Ray Elbe had posted an edited clip of Dana White to her social media.

Cyborg didn’t reveal anything about the wrestler but was very jaded about fans who were questioning her legacy due to the way she departed from the UFC. To them she replied saying that the division is in limbo – even today and there were no guarantees.

“They couldn’t put any of that in writing as a guarantee. 5 years later no division. My legacy is bigger than one fight it will be about creating opportunities for other women and the things I did outside the cage in my communities that my fans will remember once I’m done”

Cyborg also debunked claims that she went over the top behind closed doors with said wrestler explaining:


Cyborg appears to have been in house at Kings MMA yesterday – but this was shared after the tweet about the challenge.


Cyborg was considering a career in pro wrestling roughly 2 years ago after parting ways with the UFC but ultimately opted to sign with Bellator. At the time she said:

“I love both AEW and WWE and the fans of professional wrestling are always stopping me in the street asking me when I am going to have a wrestling match”, Cyborg said.

“If the opportunity presents itself, and the deal makes sense, I would love to challenge myself with pro wrestling.”