Cris Cyborg gets the silent treatment from PFL, targeting MMA return in Q1 2024

Cris Cyborg is a prominent figure in MMA who has been absent from the octagon since October 2023. She is growing increasingly restless as she eagerly anticipates her next scheduled bout.

Cyborg is known for her prowess in the cage and competes under the Bellator banner, recently acquired by the PFL. Despite the bold statements from PFL heads Donn Davis and Pete Murray about Cyborg’s significance in their growth strategy as the No. 2 promotion after UFC, Cyborg contends that their actions have yet to align with their commitments.

Expressing her impatience on social media, Cyborg said: “Jan, Feb, March, April, May, June. PFL or Bellator can I get a fight booked during the first half of 2024?! Pete Murray, Donn Davis. The longer I sit without an MMA fight the less likely Larissa Pacheco fight happens in 2024. My last MMA fight was Oct.”

Cyborg’s desire to face PFL featherweight champion Larissa Pacheco has been well-documented since the promotions merged. The anticipated clash at the PFL vs. Bellator Champs event in Saudi Arabia on February 24 seemed ideal.

However, Cyborg had a boxing match against Kelsey Wickstrum on January 19th. This caused PFL to hesitate in booking her, fearing potential losses or injuries. But Cyborg won that boxing match within a swift 1 minute and 21 seconds into the first round.

In the absence of a Pacheco showdown due to promotional disparities, another compelling option emerges – a bout with Leah McCourt in Belfast. Bellator 303 is scheduled for March 22nd, with the current lineup featuring only a local clash between Karl Moore and Corey Anderson for the vacant light heavyweight title.

Despite the limited chances given to McCourt against Cyborg, the question arises – is PFL willing to pit one of their budding Irish talents against the seasoned Cyborg? Additionally, the prospect of hometown competitors facing defeat raises concerns.

Should an MMA bout fail to materialize soon, Cyborg may ultimately need to go on with her slow yet steady foray into boxing.