Cowboy Cerrone eyes UFC return against Andrew Tate: Fake bullsh*t wannabe

Controversial social media personality Andrew Tate and former UFC combatant Donald Cerrone engaged in a heated verbal confrontation recently. The drama unfolded during a live stream where American YouTuber Adam22 said that Cerrone questioned Tate’s kickboxing record and combat sports skills.

Unfazed by Cerrone’s remarks, Andrew Tate swiftly defended his accolades during a live stream on influencer Adin Ross’ channel. Tate went on to emphasize that he is a four-time kickboxing world champion and has previous experience in MMA as well.

Confident in his abilities, Andrew Tate issued a bold challenge to Donald Cerrone. With unwavering self-confidence, Tate dared Cerrone to try and prove his point. He firmly believes that Cerrone would come to regret any attempt to challenge him.

Donald Cerrone wasted no time in responding to Andrew Tate’s dare, taking to Instagram to make his stance clear. He undermined Tate’s kickboxing accolades, dismissing him as a fake who had bought a bunch of world championship belts from eBay.

Cerrone stated: “Back in the day when me and Joe Schilling used to watch videos of you [Tate] to try and want to fight you… You always ran like a little girl your entire career. Are you kidding me? I’m [going to] knock the sh*t out of you. I’m a real fighter. You’re a fake bullsh*t wannabe fighter who made up a bunch of world championship belts that you bought off eBay.”

Cerrone announced his retirement from the sport after a submission loss against Jim Miller at UFC 276. However, he teased a possible return to combat sports. Cerrone proposed a potential clash against Tate on the rumored undercard of Elon Musk vs. Mark Zuckerberg.

He said: “Good thing my buddy Dana White owns a massive fighting organization and they are doing Mark Zuckerberg vs. Elon Musk fight. Tell you what, if you want to get your social media clout involved, I’ll fight you on that son of a b*tch.”