Conor McGregor should be tested for ‘booger sugar’, former double champ suggests

Conor McGregor is one of the biggest icons of UFC, and often finds himself at the epicenter of controversies and attention.

His recent appearance at Saudi Arabia’s ‘Day of Reckoning’ boxing event alongside Cristiano Ronaldo sparked a viral internet meme. Sitting next to Ronaldo, McGregor’s loud conversation seemed to overwhelm the Portuguese football sensation.

UFC legend Henry Cejudo couldn’t help but comment on McGregor’s behavior, suggesting it was more than just PEDs at play. He expressed his opinions openly.

Even though Cejudo asserts that McGregor participates in such extracurricular activities, he still recognizes Conor as the UFC’s face. UFC CEO Dana White would be wise to assign him to head the UFC 300 event.

Conor hinted earlier on Saturday that he will be competing in his next bout against Michael Chandler soon.

He recently said in a video: “Ladies and gentlemen, a Happy New Year to you all. I’d like to announce the return date for myself, the ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor, the greatest comeback of all time will take place in Las Vegas for International Fight Week, June the 29th… and the opponent, Michael Chandler. And the weight, Mr. Chandler, 185 pounds.”

However, Henry Cejudo made the following remark in his most recent video on YouTube: “I don’t know if that company coming in will be testing for some of that ‘booger sugar’. But what ever it is Connan McTapper is actually on it.”

McGregor’s reputation underwent scrutiny following injuries and significant physical transformations across two consecutive years. Accusations of PED use intensified, escalating into a heated altercation with USADA.

Despite the controversies, McGregor’s draw is so big that it may have influenced Dana White’s decision to remove USADA from the company’s testing pool. McGregor remains an important force in the organization’s huge success. Even amidst banter, Henry acknowledged McGregor’s substantial role in shaping the UFC’s trajectory.