Conor McGregor roasts Irish Senator: “I Nominate You To Brush Your Teeth”

Conor McGregor has recently stepped into the political arena, aiming sharp criticism towards a Senator in Ireland.

Expressing concern over issues prevailing in his homeland, McGregor passionately advocated for immigration reform. He talked about it in response to the tragic m*rder of Ashling Murphy.

While drawing considerable support, McGregor’s critics accused him of fueling hostility within Ireland and questioned his genuine concern for the populace.

McGregor’s verbal altercation with Senator Eileen Flynn landed him on the front page of The Sun in Ireland. Flynn dismissed the notion of nominating McGregor even for dishwashing duties in her office, igniting McGregor’s fiery response on social media.

Reacting vehemently, McGregor rebuked Senator Flynn’s stance on X (formerly Twitter).

He replied by saying: “Senator Eileen Flynn has said she wouldn’t nominate me to wash the dishes. How disrespectful. Senator, I nominate you to brush your teeth and see the dentist because if ever there was a cause to bring back masks I would call for it. You weren’t even voted in, you were nominated as a token. So, I’d appreciate less of the disrespect and mask up, please. God bless ya.”

The former UFC champion passionately addressed the weariness of the populace with the current political establishment. McGregor rallied for a united stand for a transformed Ireland.

He continued: “Myself, along with the entire nation of real Ireland, true Ireland are absolutely fed up with it… Change is coming for the benefit of Ireland, for the progression of Ireland. We have had enough and it is time that our nation stands up. So, stay ready.”

It would be fascinating to watch whether McGregor tries his hand at politics in the future as he becomes more engaged in debates over Irish politics. Although no concrete plans have surfaced, McGregor appears poised for an Octagon return in 2024 while continuing his engagement in political discussions.