Conor McGregor looking ‘sharp’ coach claims ahead of Chandler training camp

Conor McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, has provided a glimpse into the former UFC champion’s preparation and mentality ahead of his highly anticipated showdown with Michael Chandler. In a recent interview, Kavanagh revealed that McGregor is looking “super slick” in training, with his technique sharper than ever.

Kavanagh praised McGregor’s unique ability to maintain a high level of mental intensity and passion for training, even when not actively competing. This, he believes, sets McGregor apart from other fighters, who often struggle to replicate their competitive drive outside of a training camp.

“Some fighters, if I’m not fighting, I don’t even want to look at shows,” Kavanagh explained to severe MMA. “I’ll just get ready when there’s a fight coming up. And that’s really, that’s really hell to him because he’s come back on the mats as sharp as ever.”

The Irish coach revealed that McGregor’s technique has not suffered during his time away from competition, with the UFC superstar still boasting a sharpness that will pose a significant threat to Chandler. “His technique is as sharp as ever. We’ve got to get the rounds in and get the conditioning up so as to be ready for competition, but his technique is as sharp as ever.”

When asked about his prediction for the McGregor-Chandler fight, Kavanagh was confident of a dominating display from his fighter. “I’ve said this from the start, I see similarities to the Mendes fight. I’d be surprised if it can go two rounds. I’d be surprised. He just hits too hard, too sharp.”

Kavanagh hinted that Chandler may attempt to engage in scrappy exchanges and attempt takedowns, but expressed confidence in McGregor’s ability to start each round on the feet, where his razor-sharp striking can dictate the pace of the fight. “There’s going to be scrappiness? And a few takedowns and stuff? Maybe. But every round starts on the feet, and his ability to get back there is underestimated.”