Conor McGregor implies UFC belts were included in loving tryst with fiance

Conor McGregor made a humorous comment about wearing his two UFC world belts during intimate moments with his fiancée Dee Devlin. McGregor, a UFC legend, secured his first undisputed world title by defeating Jose Aldo in December 2015, and he added another belt the following year when he moved up to beat lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez.

However, McGregor failed to defend either of the belts and has been away from competition for over five years.


During the main event of UFC 294, where Islam Makhachev defended his lightweight title by knocking out featherweight champion Alexander Volkanovski, McGregor joked on Twitter that he could tell his son he had made love to his mother while wearing both of his UFC titles simultaneously, adding the hashtag “just kidding.”

McGregor certainly wouldn’t be the first.

Former UFC champion Tim Sylvia infamously shared during a Sherdog radio interview:

“I’ve had sex before with the belt on. That was back in the Ricco Rodriguez days. The night I won the belt I had a sexual experience with the belt on. But hey, I was 25 years old and it was the biggest thing that ever had happened to me in my life. The girl was like hey, are you going to take that thing off. And I said no, I’m not…I’m wearing it and if you have a problem with it, then I’m leaving.”

Plenty of UFC champions also showered with the  belt on.

Amanda Nunes actually showered with both of her belts – having been a champion of Bantamweight and featherweight.

Notably, TJ Dillashaw and Carla Esparza married their respective partners while wearing the belt.

Some have speculated that these unorthodox moves made ONE FC include a clause where any appearance with the belts must be approved by the promotion.


McGregor has been paying attention to the UFC fights and has previously expressed his interest in fighting Makhachev and Volkanovski, but it is likely he will need to secure a victory before pursuing a title shot.

McGregor is set to return to the UFC in the first quarter of the next year, and he is scheduled to face Michael Chandler after coaching on season 31 of The Ultimate Fighter. Before hi

s return, McGregor underwent  testing, as he mentioned on social media.