Conor McGregor flames immigration laws after tensions flare in Ireland

Conor McGregor is an iconic figure in MMA who stands as an emblem of Irish pride. But recent distressing events in Ireland shook the nation to its core when a tragic incident involving a childcare teacher and preschool children being stabbed sparked widespread outrage and protests.

The response to this appalling incident resonated across various circles, notably drawing the attention of John Kavanagh, Tristan Tate (sibling of the polarizing figure Andrew Tate), and others.

Kavanagh felt deeply affected by the incident and took to social media to express his dismay. He wrote: “So what should happen with this demented sc*mbag who attacked women and kids today? Few years in jail at our expense to get out and repeat?? Needs to be deported immediately and never allowed back or just hang him, there’s no “fixing” him.”

His tweet garnered the attention of his star pupil Conor McGregor who responded by tweeting: “Torture and death.”

McGregor’s stance unequivocally advocated stringent measures for such grievous crimes—imprisonment and capital punishment. In addition to being a parent of three, McGregor and his fiancée Dee Devlin are expecting their fourth child.

This standpoint resonated with Tristan Tate, and he seconded McGregor.

Expressing his newfound admiration, Tristan Tate tweeted: “I’ve always liked Conor, but now I super like him.”

The Tate brothers are recognized for their outspoken opinions and have evoked mixed reactions. Nevertheless, their viewpoint received backing from several prominent UFC competitors, including Sean O’Malley, Aljamain Sterling, and Israel Adesanya.

Known for his controversial stances, Andrew Tate faced criticism from fellow UFC competitors like Sean Strickland who openly voiced their disapproval. Moreover, Donald Cerrone extended a challenge to Andrew Tate for a crossover matchup.

Conor McGregor is currently preparing for his comeback to the UFC next summer. He will supposedly compete against TUF rival coach Michael Chandler.