Conor McGregor drops impromptu DISS TRACK against Akon after legal threats

Irish MMA icon Conor McGregor is not only for his prowess in the ring but also for his commanding online presence. He is also famous for his controversial social media presence and doesn’t hesitate to express his harsh comments on many subjects.

In a recent turn of events, McGregor faced a ban on X due to copyright violations related to him mimicking Akon’s song. But this setback didn’t deter him, as he posted on Instagram a song rendition that was directed at Akon himself.

The post has since been deleted and was more of a diss.

“Music, guess who’s crap? …Guess who’s crap? Akon was wrong…was only singing the song. It wasn’t even that long. You need to take a chill pill or hit a bone! And then f****ng some…Song. Songs on ears – donkey Kong!”

McGregor performed a rendition of Akon’s song ‘Locked Up’ during the Riyadh season last month. He now posted a voice note singing the same song on X. This caused his account to be banned, and it led to his weird mimicry on Instagram.

Acknowledging the ban imposed on his Twitter account, McGregor hinted to his followers that Akon might not be pleased with the situation. Despite McGregor’s actions, the singer has yet to respond officially.

Scheduled to make his return in 2024 after facing setbacks in his professional MMA journey, McGregor encountered his first-ever knockout loss in 2021 against Dustin Poirier. His subsequent bout was cut short due to a leg injury, leading to his sidelining for recovery.

McGregor’s return is anticipated to include a showdown with long-time rival Michael Chandler. Both combatants have served as opposing judges on TUF reality TV show. They have also called out each other, intensifying the anticipation for their potential bout.

Additionally, Max Holloway has expressed his interest in facing McGregor in the future. He recently said: “I’m on the shortlist for that Conor fight. He knows it. His fans know it. Me and him are probably going to fight. We’re in fighting talks until the day we both finally retire. I think you’re going to see that one in the future, especially with him coming back.”

Despite recent online skirmishes and speculation surrounding his potential matchups, McGregor hinted at his readiness to compete. However, any face-off against Holloway might have to wait until after his bout against Chandler.