Conor McGregor claims UFC played into long layoff: “There was political shadiness going on”

Former UFC double-champion Conor McGregor has been quite active in promoting his new Irish stout brand. When he does appear, it generates interest and commotion like any other iconic athletic personality.

McGregor’s last outings in the Octagon were marked by consecutive losses to Dustin Poirier in 2021. His last victory was back in January 2020, a swift 46-second stoppage of Donald Cerrone.

After much speculation and anticipation, McGregor has officially re-entered the USADA testing pool. This move came after completing the necessary paperwork from Jeff Novitzky and the UFC.

But fans eager for McGregor’s return to the Octagon must brace and wait. The identity of his next opponent remains uncertain. Although he recently coached opposite Michael Chandler in TUF 31, the promotion has yet to confirm a potential showdown between these two.

In a candid conversation with Daily Mail, McGregor shed light on the rationale behind his prolonged absence. McGregor’s hiatus spanned over two and a half years.

Conor McGregor revealed. “My retirements were political, right. There was political shadiness going on in the background that I was like, ‘Good luck to you guys [the UFC]. I’m out of here.'”

While McGregor didn’t delve into specifics, he emphasized that bidding farewell to MMA altogether wouldn’t have been the wisest career move.

Conor McGregor admitted “It’s tough to walk away for sure. How can I speak on this when I’m never gonna walk away? You know, I’m gonna simply recalibrate my competition.”

Since his UFC debut in 2013, McGregor has triumphed over some of the most formidable opponents in the sport. This includes the likes of Max Holloway, Chad Mendes, Eddie Alvarez, and Jose Aldo, among others.

In August 2017, McGregor ventured into the realm of boxing, taking on the iconic boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. in a boxing match. It was undoubtedly one of the biggest pay-per-view events.