Conor McGregor and fiancée wear pajamas for a visit to McDonalds in Abu Dhabi

Conor McGregor has been trying to relive his glory days a lot lately. Just nights after he was spotted partying with his old featherweight belt in what many fans branded a ‘sad display’, McGregor one upped it by showing up at McDonalds in pajamas.

McGregor hasn’t competed since breaking his leg in a third match with Dustin Poirier back in July of 2021.

McGregor keeps adding muscle to his medium build frame, possibly in attempt to bullet proof his return to MMA.

Many fans question his return due to the fact he is galivanting the world and not exactly comitted to training.

Considering he’s absent from the USADA program, any possible comeback would get scheduled for mid 2023.

The Irishman has been having a good time and has just returned from his most luxurious vacation to Abu Dhabi.

He even shared a photo of himself and his girlfriend eating at McDonald’s while wearing pajamas.

McGregor has travelled extensively, engaging in activities like recent Ibiza partying and a trip to the Dominican Republic to shoot scenes for his next Hollywood acting job with Jake Gyllenhaal.

According to his manager Tim Simpson, McGregor is working like a champion “madman’ and is certain he will perform at his peak the next year.

Simpson explained:

“He’s still on track for a big return next year, but this fits in perfectly in the meantime. The leg is still healing. I think there’s a little bit more to go on that, but he’s been training like a madman twice a day, every day.”

“He’s got his full team out there: the McGregor Fast team, all his health and fitness guys, physio, boxing, coaching. He’s been going hard. He’s been training super hard. He’s in amazing shape – just final adjustments to get that leg back where it needs to be.”